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Easy. Mobile. Safe.

1Minuut creates innovative technical solutions that make working in elderly care easier. This leaves more time and attention for the client and the provision of quality care. And of course job satisfaction!

About 1Minuut

Working differently in healthcare

Due to an aging population, care demands and complexity in care for the elderly are increasing rapidly. While the number of employees shows a different line. The fact that the right care cannot always be provided immediately as a result creates an additional burden of care. Both within residential facilities and in the home situation.

Time for new solutions.

Innovation in healthcare
To tackle these challenges in elderly care, the use of smart care technology is important. Digital resources that you can rely on as a healthcare organization.


Meet Genzõ

Genzõ is the all-in-1 healthcare communication app that enables chat, information transfer and video calling via Smart Glasses.

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Within a few minutes, the care worker calls in the help of a remote expert. Genzõ has been developed for and by healthcare professionals, is user-friendly and fits perfectly with the needs in the workplace.


Genzõ and Smart Glasses can be used at any time, with a smartphone or tablet. You can manage the management via the PC.

The app is available in iOS and Android app stores.


Genzõ is super safe and meets the highest safety standards. For example, the data is only visible within your organization and accessibility levels can even be set per person for access to the data.

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1 minuut

Smart innovation

1Minuut provides innovative solutions to minimize the growing problem in elderly care. As a result of which knowledge is retained within the organization and the quality of care and job satisfaction increase.

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We want to make a difference in elderly care with our innovative solutions! Curious about previous experiences and what the results are? View our recent projects and practical stories here or request a demo without obligation.

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What other customers say about their hands-on experience with Genzõ and Smart Glasses.

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