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Everything we do, we do to make the work of care workers easier and thus maintain the quality of our elderly care.

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Innovative technology
the key to change

Owners Martijn de Groot and Wouter Steutel first encountered Google Glass in 2012 at a conference in America. 'We knew immediately that this is the missing piece of the puzzle to tackle the challenges in elderly care.

Once at home, we get to work to fine-tune our previous plans and the idea of ​​Genzõ in combination with Smart Glasses was born. This is our answer to reverse the aging population and the outflow of knowledge in care for the elderly. '

Because we believe in collaboration, partners are sought in order to integrate knowledge from daily practice into our products. These partners are found in Argos Zorggroep and DSW. Later aunt Louise is added. The NZa is also responding positively to our plans.

"It makes me most proud that we are actually making a difference with our products in this important market." - Martijn de Groot, Co-owner 1Minute

Why we do what we do

We want to provide organizations in the health sector and in particular elderly care with smart innovative solutions. So that the workload can be reduced and good quality care can be offered when it is desired. Elderly care has our special attention because this generation has ensured that we now live in prosperity. Let us take good care of our elders.

Our promise
The products of 1Minuut are easy, mobile and safe.

We develop all our applications together with healthcare professionals, so that we support the end user with the smartest solutions.

We believe the answer to the challenges in elder care lies in digital solutions. This allows knowledge to be shared quickly and independently of location.

We insist that our products meet the highest safety standards and we dare to guarantee this. More information

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tBureau is innovating healthcare using eHealth, by adapting the process and by stimulating new and better cooperation in the chain. tBureau specializes in implementation and chooses to work with partners who provide technology. The basic principle is to provide concrete support to healthcare workers in the performance of their work through careful implementation and safeguarding of the technology. tBureau knows our solution and is ready for a good implementation in your organization.

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