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We want to make a difference in elderly care with our innovative solutions! Curious about previous experiences and what the results are? View our recent projects and customer cases here.

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We have started the Glazz project with Argos Zorggroep to work together on qualitative future-proof care.

For this, Smart Glasses were used in combination with Genzõ. The options have been extensively tested in practice with care workers and informal carers. To achieve both a quality and productivity improvement. An extensive business case is available, please take this contact with us.

In 2018, the project Different Working in Healthcare was started in West Brabant. 1Minuut participates in one of the innovation projects to which thirteen healthcare organizations are affiliated.

Since 2020, eight more healthcare organizations from Friesland have been involved and talks are taking place in other provinces. By combining strengths and knowledge, better care is provided with less time and effort.

'Adding value for the client in combination with a higher labor productivity of employees improves the possibilities for now and the future. ' - Vilans, national knowledge organization for long-term care

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