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Genzõ is the all-in-1 healthcare communication app that enables chat, information transfer and video calling via Smart Glasses.

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Expert care without distance
Via a secure online connection, the healthcare worker can put on a Smart Glasses and remotely (video) call, chat and share files with a professional. Via a built-in camera, this professional looks at a distance through the eyes of the spectacle wearer. The care worker has his hands free during video calling and can immediately implement the advice and instructions of the colleague care professional.

The great advantage that clients experience is that they are helped quickly and effectively by their trusted care worker. So no unnecessary extra people in their room, extra travel time, or waiting time for an appointment that has yet to be scheduled. But expert help, readily available, anytime.

Flexible and tailored to your organization
Depending on the needs of your organization, the options can be used flexibly. For example, a teacher can remotely watch a student and even take a test. But a behavioral expert can also watch directly during misunderstood behavior. Without affecting the client's behavior or tranquility.

By conducting group discussions it is possible to view from multiple disciplines and to give a total advice.

Online platform for healthcare professionals
Of course we are not standing still. Behind the scenes, we continue to develop new developments, such as a protocols module, data management, second medication control and a wound care module. With these developments, we offer a complete platform full of valuable information for healthcare professionals. This means that (specialist) knowledge is retained within all layers of the organization and is more accessible more quickly.

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Easy to manage
Adding or removing employees can easily be done in-house. For example, every employee has their own profile with which chatting and video calling with other professionals with a Genzõ profile within and outside the organization is possible.

Proven to be safe
Genzõ meets the highest privacy and security requirements within healthcare. The information shared within Genzõ stays within Genzõ and is stored and monitored in the Cloud. Access to the data is only possible after extensive identification and additional verification. This allows Genzõ to be used safely on any device. It is not possible to forget to log out. So that the privacy of the client is guaranteed as much as possible.

1Minute is ISO27001 and NEN7510 certified and meets the MedMij standards. This means that no one, not even us, can watch. Deloitte Assuring Medicals apps has been involved in the development of Genzõ from the start. And praises our security, without compromising on ease of use and mobility.

AVG, GDPR and processor agreements are familiar topics for us and this is therefore well arranged when the app is used. No problems afterwards. Contact us for more information about our comprehensive safety standards. We are happy to tell you about it.

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Smart Glasses

1Minuut works together with both Google and Vuzix for video calling with Genzõ. Both glasses contain a built-in microphone and high-resolution camera.

A remote employee can look 'through the eyes' of the spectacle wearer and provide them with tips and directions. Because the spectacle wearer has his hands free, he can act immediately. Because of the instructions from the professional at a distance, the spectacle wearer feels more confident about the task to be performed and the client is usually helped immediately. Additional advantages; no travel time or waiting time for an appointment with the relevant expert.


The advantages of Genzõ and Smart Glasses.

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